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Thank you for considering Lure Fish House for your next dining experience. As a general guideline we simply seat parties upon arrival as tables become available. Our restaurants are designed with large open-seating areas where guests may enjoy their full meal or simply have an appetizer or drink while they wait for a table in the dining room. We also have heated patios where guests can often be seated without a wait at all.

For larger parties of 8 or more we will gladly accept a reservation as accommodations permit. For day before or same day reservations please call the restaurant to submit your request. Otherwise, fill out the information below and a manager will call you back to let you know what we have available.

We appreciate you considering Lure Fish House as a contributor towards your charitable event. Take note that Lure receives a considerable amount of requests and we will try to help as many as possible. Typically, we will try to aid groups that are assisting our local community.

Please submit all requests using the letterhead and insignia of the requesting organization, providing a nonprofit tax ID number as well for us to consider.

Lure Fish House generally does not make cash or food donations.

We thank you for your active service to our community and we look forward to being a part of as many groups as we are able.

Please submit on company letterhead with logo and Tax ID number. We accept Microsoft Word and PDF documents.